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Last Web Page Update (IE is good for something!!!)

I needed to know when a website was last updated…so I dug around online and on this page:!topic/chrome/FCdMwM7mgPU

I found out this works (seems to not work in Chrome but will in IE.):

  1. Dig around for that long-lost IE icon and click it.
  2. Open a web page
  3. In the address bar, replace the full address with: javascript:alert(document.lastModified)
  4. Hit enter and you will get a pop up with date info



It’s the little things

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Sometimes those little touches can give you a nice feel to your site.  Here’s one…add this code to the top of your CSS:

* {  -webkit-transition: all 0.2s ease;  -moz-transition:    all 0.2s ease;  -ms-transition:     all 0.2s ease;  -o-transition:      all 0.2s ease;}

Wherever you have hovers and similar things, it will transition between the 2 states. Try it out!

The idea for this came from one of my favorite sites, CSS Tricks. Article is here:


Converting a site to WP but doing the right SEO stuff

Mainly what you have to do is:

  1. Convert the site to WP
  2. Once all is good with WP edit .htaccess
  3. Above all the wordpress stuff you have to add this type of thing: Redirect 301 /myoldurl.html
  4. You have to add that for each old file that you want to redirect to the new file
  5. There is info all over the net, including here:

Install WordPress in sub-directory, run in home directory

It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been a busy bee!  This post will be short and sweet.

I work on a lot of existing sites that I’m converting to WordPress. I want to leave the current site in place and work on WP in sub-directory until its time to go live.  This link will tell you how to do it:

That’s it…see short and sweet!


Super Helpful Nerdy Web Design Type Links

I love CSS-TRICKS.COM.  Always interesting, usually helpful…but today its MEGA HELPFUL!  This post in particular:

Why?  Because I’m always looking up the code for rounded corners or trying to find the exact link to jQuery…here are some great links from that article!

That’s it.  Have fun. 🙂


Comments and Firefox: Watch How You Form Them!

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I had a WordPress theme I was modifying and like a good little coder I kept adding these types of comments

<!– HERE IS A COMMENT —————————————————————->

I make that long line so all my comments line up down the page.  While my page was working fine everywhere else, it kept breaking in Firefox and I couldn’t figure out why.  Finally I ran across this post:

which leads here:

and explains that while all other browsers render –> as the end of a comment, FF thinks –> OR — is the end of a comment.

Problem solved! 🙂  Code on, coders!


Helpful Tip: Moving a static site to WordPress

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I had a bit of delima…I had a current static site that I couldn’t get rid of, but wanted to replace with wordpress.   Putting WP in a sub-directory, then moving to the home directory is a nightmare so I couldn’t do that.

Basically what I wanted to do was if someone went to they would be redirected to (where I had moved the current site to).  But I needed some people that I’m working with to see the wordpress files in action so if you go to I wanted the wordpress to show…but only if you typed in the fully qualified URL.

I thought this would be an easy set up in .htaccess but either my hosting provider has some behind the scenes stuff going on preventing it or it’s just not easily doable.

After much fighting with HTACCESS, I finally figured out how to do this by going backward with it.  Wordpress plugin to the rescue!

So here’s what I did, start to finish:

  1. Original site at, moved it to
  2. Installed WordPress at
  3. Change permalinks to a custom structure of /%postname%
  4. Create a page called WELCOME…in the end this will be my real home page
  5. Created a page called REDIRECT (you can change your page names)
  6. Made REDIRECT my home page under SETTINGS in WordPress
  7. Downloaded this super awesome redirector plugin:
  8. Activated that sucker and set it up to where (which is the redirect page, default WP home page) goes to
  9. To view the new home page now you go to

When I’m ready for the WP site to go live:

  1. Make WELCOME my home page in Settings
  2. Delete REDIRECT page
  3. Deactive that plugin.

PROBLEM SOLVED…thanks Urban Giraffe for a cool plugin!


CSS3: The Wonder Years

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If you build websites, CSS3 is slap-awesome.  Rounded corners, gradients, transparencies, drop shadows…oh my!

As we know though the good ol’ “red headed step child yet still mamas favorite”, Internet Explorer doesn’t do these things.  Well, correction, IE9, which has recently dropped, does do some of the cool new stuff.  But as of right now a lot of IE users are still on 7 or 8…some even on 6 (Egads!)

If you are building with IE in mind and want all those cool roundy boxes and droppy shadows, here are a couple of links that will help you  get those on IE: