Mexico On My Mind

My planned mission trip to Mexico is coming up in just a little over 2 months.  I can’t wait!  Last year was my first mission trip…anywhere.  I had hem-hawed and put it off a few times, the timing for work wasn’t right a few times and a few other excuses…but by January of 2010 I had commuted to my wife that I would do it.  By the time the trip rolled around I was mixed with excitement and uncertainty…but all of that melted away to just excitement, love and joy the moment I set foot in Mexico…I fell in love with Mexico and the people there.

Here I am, nearly 40, definitely NOT in the best shape of my life, definitely not the most faithful, articulate, outspoken, outgoing guy in the world, yet God has decided that Mexico is my mission field for this season.  I am so excited to go again, and even more so that I get to go once more with my lovely wife…I look forward to the day when my entire family can go and be a part of this exciting trip!

Not only am I going to be returning to Mexico, but due to a scheduling conflict our pastor cannot go and he has put myself and Melissa in charge of the team from our church.  I am honored and excited about this trip.

Pray for us and if you would like to contribute to our trip we could definitely use the finances for travel! If you would like to help email me at or go to and there is a page about Mexico.