Droid Phone wont boot? This may help.

Thought I’d throw this quick note out there.  I’m using a Droid 2, which I’ve been very happy with (because its awesome, runs a lot of apps and because the company I started working for in January provides it for FREE!)

I grabbed my phone from the charger this morning and a couple of hours later looked at it and it was dead and wouldn’t boot (yes, boot…it IS a computer).

Slapped it on my USB charger at work but no dice, even though the charge light on the side said it was working.

Had a co-worker try his battery in mine, worked fine, so it wasn’t the phone.

After some thought I’m pretty sure that my home charger was unplugged from the wall and so my phone not only didn’t charge but probably ran completely down.  A quick web search revealed that if your Droid 2 (and I’m guessing other Droids) is down below 5% or so, a USB charger wont work.  Luckily I had my car charger out in the car, went out, plugged in and immediately, ZU-ZAP! got my Motorola logo.

So if you phone is wicked dead, don’t try a USB charge, go wall or car.